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Best Counter-Strike Maps of All Time

3rd Nov 2017
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Maps form the backbone of Counter-Strike. Whether it be Dust 2's four-clover layout or Nuke's innovative two floor structure, the maps of CS GO are an integral part of the tactical gameplay that makes Counter-Strike the best FPS out there. The design of a map determines the weapons one should purchase at the start of every round and the flashes and smokes one should throw in order to achieve victory. Some maps favour Ts, others favour the counter-terrorists. The rich tapestry of maps available to CS players is one of the most important reasons for the long-lasting dominance of Counter-Strike in the FPS genre. Here, I have compiled a list of the most popular Counter-Strike maps that have stood the test of time. Rank this list to let me know which are your favorites or at the least which ones you like after Dust II :D. Sources: PC Gamer, Counter-Strike Wiki, Team-Liquid.net

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Best Counter-Strike Maps of All Time



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Italy is a Hostage rescue map featured in the Counter-Strike series. Since its debut, it has appeared in every game and is widely considered a fan-favorite amongst the community. Italy is filled with narrow passageways and includes an iconic marketplace. In these areas, it features both close quarters and long range combat, with many diverse tactical opportunities. The market, being a usual site for firefights, is arguably the most "open" and spacious part of the map. Several of the buildings and houses are accessible, leaving behind the outdoor skirmishes. It's possible that the map takes place somewhere in the north of Italy since there are mountains visible. It is suggested that it takes place in the South Tyrol province since there have been real seperatist-terrorist attacks in the 20th century, the street sign "Bixio" suggests the real town of "Brixen" Because of its long corridors and elevated camping positions, Italy is often regarded as a haven for snipers.
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