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Best Pistols for Eco Rounds in CS:GO

13th Jan 2018
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Ask any Counter-Strike aficionado what the most important round in a match is and they will surely tell you - the Eco-round. Often the economy boost that you get from winning an eco-round can mean winning the next two rounds as well. But with limited resources at your disposal, rifles are usually not an option so deciding what to do in such a situation is a difficult task. Buying the right pistols during an Eco-round can help turn the tide of a match that may be slipping out of your team's hands. Here is a list of all the pistols currently available in CS:GO. Rank them from best to worst taking into account the effectiveness and price of the pistols!


Best Pistols for Eco Rounds in CS:GO


R8 Revolver

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The R8 Revolver is an 8 shot revolver introduced as part of the 2015 Winter Update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The R8 Revolver, known in real life as the Smith & Wesson Model 327 Performance Center M&P R8, is the third pistol to be introduced to Global Offensive since the game's retail release. It can be switched out for the Desert Eagle in-game. The Revolver is capable of firing 8 rounds via two separate attacks with only 8 rounds in reserve. The primary attack draws the hammer back before firing. As the hammer is drawn back, the accuracy of the revolver increases, movement speed drops to 180 units per second and then the gun fires after a 0.2 second delay. The secondary attack is a quick shot using the fanning technique, resulting in a much faster but less accurate shot. In comparison to the Desert Eagle, this weapon deals more damage and is capable in killing a player at close range in two hits against an armored opponent. The primary fire is more accurate and can fire one shot more before reloading. On the downside, primary fire is much slower, requires to lower the hammer before able to fire a shot, the movement speed is lowered to 180 (220 when not firing which is still slower than the Desert Eagle), and has much lower ammo in reserve which forces the player to fire sparingly. The rate of fire in secondary mode is still lower than the Desert Eagle, and the revolver costs the same as the Desert Eagle. This weapon is not available in Competitive Matchmaking mode after the March 24, 2017, but it is added back to Competitive matchmaking, along with the Negev, following the April 12, 2017 update. Advantages: - Extremely high damage for a handgun. - Instant headshot kill at any range. - Capable of killing enemies without armor with a shot to the groin region. - Good penetration. - Capable of firing faster using the secondary firing mode. Disadvantages: - Very low ammunition in total(16 rounds); eight shots in the cylinder, and eight in reserve. - Lower accuracy when using secondary fire mode compared to the primary fire mode. - Currently the heaviest handgun available, even heavier than many primary weapons. - .2 second delay when using the primary fire mode (the hammer cocking back is audible to anyone close enough to hear it, thus risking giving away the user's position).
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