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Top Ten Nirvana Songs

6th Mar 2018
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Nirvana is one of the most influential bands that created a revolution in the 90's. During the early 80's and 90's most bands used to compose music about love and hatred. This band tried to get out of the trend by sarcastically making songs that looks meaningless but have very deep meanings and successfully came out of the flow and created a revolution which made a great change in the music industry. Although this band didn't last long due to suicide of Kurt Cobain but during their reign they created songs that still influences the teen generation. Here is a list of their top ten revolutionary songs.


Top Ten Nirvana Songs

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The Man who Sold The World

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This is originally a David Brownie song which Kurt found matches his personality and decided to cover the song in the MTV unplugged session. This song is emphasizes a character who sold his soul to the world or we can say his world. Since Kurt Cobain was dealing with bipolar disorderliness he decided to express his feelings through this song.
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