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You can Rank the 2018 Super Bowl Ads

6th Feb 2018
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With well over 100 million viewers expected to tune in this year, NBC charged just over $5 million for each 30 second spot. So advertisers were careful about which messages they showcased on the biggest TV platform of the year.Some brands made this money worth it with enjoyable advertisements, although a few might have been better off spending elsewhere. Rank some of the more notable commercials throughout the day and share your thoughts on these commercials with your friends and family!


You can Rank the 2018 Super Bowl Ads

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It's a Tide Ad

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A few advertisers tried a head fake with viewers, presenting commercials that looked like one kind of ad when they were really something else. Tide's spots with Harbour pulled this off best, starting out like a car ad or a beer ad and then revealing the Stranger Things star saying, "It's a Tide ad." Later in the game, Harbour crashed what looked like an Old Spice ad and a Mr. Clean commercial. This stuff was meta in the most wonderful way, playing with our notions of what a typical Super Bowl ad might look like while coming up with a wholly unique way to sell something as pedestrian as laundry detergent.
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