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Ranking the Colleges at University of Cambridge

12th Nov 2017
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The University of Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world's fourth-oldest surviving university. Founded in 1209 and granted a royal charter by King Henry III in 1231, the University has preserved its reputation as one of the best institutions of education in the world. Cambridge is formed from 31 constituent colleges each of which has its own unique history, architecture, customs and traditions. The colleges compete with each other not just in terms of academics but also in athletics. Virtually all students and alumni tend to wear their college colors with pride and thus most colleges enjoy a healthy rivalry with all the other colleges. While the Tompkins table provides a good measure of undergraduate student performance and endowment figures give some indication of the quality of the facilities available, opinion about which college provides the best overall experience vary quite significantly. Here is a list of all 31 colleges of Cambridge with brief descriptions about their history and alumni. Rank these colleges to let us know which ones you think are the best! Source(s): Wikipedia

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Ranking the Colleges at University of Cambridge


Homerton College

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Homerton College is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge in England. Its first premises were acquired in London in 1768, by an informal gathering of Protestant dissenters with origins in the seventeenth century. In 1894 the College moved from Homerton High Street, Hackney, London, to Cambridge, and received its Royal Charter in 2010, affirming its status as a full college of the university. The College will be celebrating its 250th anniversary in 2018. With around 600 undergraduates, 800 graduates, and 90 fellows, it has more students than any other Cambridge college, but because only half of these are resident undergraduates its undergraduate presence is similar to large colleges such as Trinity and St John's. Homerton has educated alumni of considerable influence – including prominent dissenting thinkers, educationalists, politicians, and missionary explorers. In this sense, the College has particularly strong ties to public service as well as academia. Homerton was admitted as an "Approved Society" of the university in 1976, and was granted full college status by the university in 2010. The College has extensive grounds which encompass sports fields, water features, beehives and the focal point of the college, its Victorian Gothic hall. It also has a wide range of student clubs and societies, including Homerton College Boat Club, Homerton College Music Society and the Homerton College Rugby Football Club. In 2011 and 2012 the college was also selected to field a team on University Challenge. Notable alumni from the college include: (a) Samuel Dyer (1804–1843), typographer and translator of the Bible into Chinese. (b) William Ellis (1794–1872) English missionary, traveller, geographer, and ethnographer. (c) Robert Cotton Mather (1808–1877), English missionary, author, and translator in India. (d) Edward Stallybrass (1794-1884), translator of the Bible into Mongolian. (e) William Johnson Fox (1786–1864) English religious and political orator. (f) Charles Wellbeloved (1769–1858) English Unitarian divine, archaeologist, and author.
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