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Best Linkin Park Songs

9th Oct 2017
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Linkin Park is easily one of the most recognizable and celebrated bands of all time. With Chester Bennington's powerful vocals, Mike Shinoda's insightful lyrics and the band's unique mixture of alternative rock, rap and nu-metal sounds, Linkin Park has created some numbers which will remain with their fans for ages. The untimely death of Chester Bennington beckons all of us to reflect back at some of their best works. Please rank, share and subscribe! RIP Chester.


Best Linkin Park Songs

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One Step Closer

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"One Step Closer" is the debut single for Linkin Park and was released as the very first single and as the second track of their debut album, Hybrid Theory. The song was featured in several video games such as Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades. Allegedly beginning as a demo version, known as "Plaster", which found its way to the internet in 2008, "One Step Closer" also has a remixed version titled "1Stp Klosr", which was featured on Linkin Park's remix album, Reanimation. Joe Hahn of Linkin Park and director Gregory Dark came up with the concept for the video, which was shot in Los Angeles, sixty-three feet underground in an abandoned subway tunnel. The video starts out with a group of teenage friends hanging out around a dark alley and features everything from martial artists, gravity inversions and the iconic Chester Bennington screams.
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