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Greatest Heavyweight Boxers of All Time

4th Nov 2017
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Although the golden era of boxing might have ended in the 1970's, the legendary heavyweight boxing champions of the world have always captured the public's fascination. Sure, boxers in lower weight categories like Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao might be equally skilled and their fights might be just as enjoyable to watch. But it is hard to argue that there isn't something truly special about watching big fighters collide in the center ring - going toe to toe round after round. Heavyweight boxers have thus justifiably garnered much deserved attention from the public and the press over the years. The heavyweight division has had its fair share of legends - from the great Ali, to the controversial Mike Tyson. Here is a list of the best heavyweight fighters ever to grace the ring. Rank this list to let me know who you think deserves to be at the top! Source(s): Wikipedia

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Greatest Heavyweight Boxers of All Time


Joe Louis (66-3, 52 KO)

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Joseph Louis Barrow (May 13, 1914 – April 12, 1981), best known as Joe Louis and nicknamed the "Brown Bomber", was an American professional boxer who competed from 1934 to 1951. He reigned as the world heavyweight champion from 1937 to 1949, and is considered to be one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Louis' championship reign lasted 140 consecutive months, during which he participated in 26 championship fights. The 27th fight, against Ezzard Charles in 1950, was a challenge for Charles' heavyweight title and so is not included in Louis' reign. Louis was victorious in 26 title defenses, a world record second only to Julio César Chávez with 27. In 2005, Louis was ranked as the best heavyweight of all time by the International Boxing Research Organization, and was ranked number one on The Ring magazine's list of the "100 greatest punchers of all time".
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