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Rank The Best songs of ARTCELL

14th Feb 2018
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Artcell is a Bangladeshi progressive metal band formed in October 1999. Artcell is one of the leading bands of Bangladesh. The name "Artcell" was decided upon because it was softer sounding than a typical heavy metal name. In Cézanne and Shaju's words: -"Even though we were a heavy metal band when we started, we didn't want a heavy metal name. We wanted a softer or an artistic touch to the heavy metal side. 'Cells where art is produced' – that was pretty much the basic idea behind the name 'Artcell.' Ershad came up with it and we all opted for it." Artcell released its first studio album Onno Shomoy in 2002. It was both critically and commercially successful. After the success of Onno Shomoy, Artcell spent four years carrying out experiments with their music without releasing an album. They did, however, release singles scattered in various albums by other bands or compilation albums. Their second studio album Aniket Prantor was released in April 2006. The album was one of the top sellers of the year. In the 19 years since its inception, the band has released two albums. Their third album was scheduled to be released in December 2016 yet it is not published. Band members: Ershad Zaman - lead guitar and vocals (1999–present) George Lincoln D'Costa - vocal and guitar (1999–present) Saef Al Nazi Cézanne - bass, back-up vocals (1999–present) Kazi Sajjadul Asheqeen Shaju - drums (1999–present) Faisal Iftekher - bass (2016–present) Reaz (Mechanix) - drums (2010–present) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list contains their all the released/unreleased songs. Rank the best according to your opinion. Each song is associated with its lyrics in the description, courtesy of musixmatch.