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Most Earthquake prone countries in the world

23rd Jan 2018
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The natural disaster, Earthquake has caused immense damage to life and property. It has not only left thousands of people homeless, but has also ruined the lives of millions across the globe. Earthquakes affect many parts of the world every year. Also, earthquakes further lead to tsunamis and volcanic eruptions causing even more damage. The world is divided into seismic zones based on the tectonic plates and the magnitude of earthquakes. We bring you 10 most earthquake prone countries in the world and how the quake has caused immense damage in these countries.


Most Earthquake prone countries in the world



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Turkey falls within the seismic zone between Arabian, Eurasian and African plates. It’s very geographic location implies that an earthquake can hit the country at any point of time. Turkey has had a long history of large earthquakes that often occur in progressive adjacent earthquakes. The magnitude 7.6 earthquake that struck western Turkey on August 17, 1999 occurred on one of the world’s longest and best studied strike-slip (horizontal motion) faults: the east-west trending North Anatolian fault. The event lasted for just 37 seconds, and killed around 17,000 people. Over 50,000 people were injured and over 5,00,000 people were rendered homeless, making it one of the most devastating earthquakes of the 20th century.
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