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Community Guidelines

Ranx is the best source on the internet for user-generated aggregated opinion where people can create rich and dynamic snap-survey content about any topic as well as respond to, share, comment on and interact with content created by users on the Ranx platform (i.e. the Ranx website and mobile applications). The content and conversations that you see on Ranx reflect the views of a diverse and global community. It is important to us that our users feel safe when using our platform which is why we have developed a set of Community Guidelines as outlined below.

These guidelines are meant to help our users understand better what type of content is allowed on Ranx and what type of content maybe flagged and removed. Certain conduct(s) may also result in suspension or permanent ban of a user from the site. Ranx encourages all users to flag content(s) that may violate the Community Guidelines. However, because of the diversity of the user community and Ranx's adherence to the values of freedom of speech, users are reminded that even though something may be disagreeable or disconcerting to them, it may not contravene our Community Guidelines.

The owners of the channels/profiles are solely responsible for any content they publish. Please note that users must be at least 13 years old to create an account on Ranx platform. Ranx does not actively monitor the contents. However, we do edit, remove or ban content(s) / profile(s) that are flagged or reported, particularly when they are in violation with the Community Guidelines, Content Policy and/or Terms of Services.

Respectful Conduct

Ranx is a platform where users can share their opinion about anything and everything by creating their own survey content as well as by interacting with survey content made by others. Thus, it is very probable that users may encounter opinions that differ from theirs and issues that could lead to further discussions. While constructive debate and sharing of opposing ideas are encouraged, Ranx does not allow any hateful and/or abusive conduct and may remove certain kinds of sensitive content and/or limit access to some content to certain members of our community for the sake of safety and the needs and interests of the community at large.

Hate Speech

Ranx does not allow, and reserves the right to remove any content that can be deemed hateful and abusive, which includes but is not limited to content that directly attacks people based on their:

religious views,
sexual orientation,
serious disabilities or illness,
veteran status,
sex, gender or gender identity.

Individual(s) and organization(s) that promote violence and hatred against such protected group(s) are prohibited from the Ranx platform. Discussions that challenge ideas, practices, and institutions in order to promote greater understanding and/or raise awareness among others are allowed and encouraged, if done so in the form of accurate information and in a manner that creates a respectful and safe environment for all users. If the users share content containing examples of hate speech or quote hate speech by others in order to educate or raise awareness about this kind of conduct, their purpose must be clearly indicated for our better understanding.

Humor, satire, or social commentaries related to these topics are allowed by users as long as their intent is made clear. Contents that may appear offensive to certain communities but does not violate our policies should be shared with a conscious mindset about the audience of the content.

Nudity and Sexual content

Users of Ranx may sometime want to make contents, items, comments, suggestions or profiles, or upload content containing nudity for different purposes such as artistic or creative projects or to raise awareness etc. Since the global community of Ranx includes users from diverse cultural backgrounds and age-groups, such content maybe sensitive or objectionable in some cases. Ranx restricts the display of nudity and sexual content to be respectful to the values of different communities and to comply with legislation in regions all over the world. We may categorize content as 'accessible to everyone', 'age-restricted', 'area-restricted' and 'banned' based on their nature. Some content that is restricted but not banned may be tagged as Not Safe for Work (NSFW). Any content deemed unsuitable for a category may be flagged and reported by the users.

What is and isn't acceptable:

Ranx does not allow any user submitted content that is sexually explicit, like pornography. Content(s) that feature fetishes or sexual acts will either be removed, age-restricted or area-restricted, depending on the severity of the act. Restriction(s) and suspensios(s)/ban(s) may apply equally to media depicting real and/or virtual/digitally created imagery. Several factors may play a role on the decision to age-restrict, area-restrict or ban any content which include but are not limited to:

Duration of sexual or nude imagery in a video; fleeting or prolonged exposure relative to total length of a video or GIF,
Camera angle and focal point of image, video or GIF,
Relative clarity, blurring, censoring of image, video or GIF,
Vulgarity and lewdness of language used in any content,
Sexual suggestiveness of any content such as poses that intend to sexually arouse viewers, settings and locations generally associated with sexual activity, sexually suggestive language, actions that can associated with sexual activity e.g. kissing, striptease, provocative dancing, fondling, gestures etc.,
Appropriateness of context in case of minimal clothing e.g. swimsuit vs. lingerie etc.

A generalized and non-exhaustive list of classifying elements for each of the above-mentioned categories is given below. Ranx reserves the right to add, remove or change items in these categories at any time, and such modifications will be outlined in these Community Guidelines accordingly.


Sexually suggestive or provocative content.
Images, videos and gifs with revealing or minimal clothing that are intended to be sexually provocative.
Partial nudity (both male and female).
Content with nudity and/or sexual content (this may include content that is primarily educational, documentary, artistic or scientific).
Content containing generalized descriptions of sexual acts.
Images, videos and GIFs showing female breasts with nipples.


Content that does not comply with laws and social norms in a certain area/region.


Sexually explicit content like pornography.
Images, videos, GIFs of people displaying genitals or focusing fully on exposed buttocks.
Contents containing violent, graphic or humiliating fetishes.
Content that glorifies sexual exploitation, rape and other sex-related criminal activity.
Vivid description of sexual acts.

Accessible to everyone:

Images, video, GIFs of sculptures, paintings and other works of art that depict nude figure(s).
Content displaying active breastfeeding and post-mastectomy scarring.
Digitally created content with nudity and sexual content for educational, humorous or satirical purposes.

All contents that may be deemed unsuitable for users of all ages on Ranx should be tagged as NSFW. contents that do not contain nudity or sexual content but has a risqué or suggestive title may be age-restricted and should also be tagged as NSFW. NSFW content that are primarily meant to be educational, artistic or scientific in nature but published or shared without proper information or description or context may be removed or restricted by Ranx.

Violent and Graphic Content

Ranx does not allow violent or gory content(s) that are primarily intended to be shocking, sensational, disrespectful, celebrating violence or those that are posted for sadistic purposes. Both real and dramatized contents with a certain level of graphic violence, if allowed on Ranx, should be tagged as NSFW by the user. Ranx reserves the right to categorize such content as age-restricted. Contents that do not contain violence but show adults participating in activities with high risk of injury or death may also be categorized as age-restricted.

Users may publish or share real-life violent and graphic contents with additional relevant information and context for journalistic, documentary or educational purpose. However, the same content may be banned and removed if posted without proper context or adequate additional information.

Any content that celebrates or glorifies violence, terrorist attacks, incites violence, intends to recruit for any terrorist organization or promotes acts of terrorism are strictly prohibited by Ranx. Events or news connected to such acts or individuals may be allowed with sufficient context and appropriate intent.

Contents that are deemed to be unsuitable due to its graphic and violent nature can be flagged and reported by users.

Protecting your profile and content

Using Authentic Identity

Ranx allows its users to create a unique username for themselves. In the interest of authenticity, we encourage users to provide their real names during sign up. Both the username and the submitted name will be displayed by default in the profile page of the user (the submitted name can be hidden by the user if they choose to do so).

If the user is representing an organization or a business, Ranx recommends that the user use the name of the organization or business, or some derivation thereof, as the username but use the real identity of a person during the sign-up process.

Impersonation and Trademark Infringement

Ranx does not allow impersonation of another individual or organization and/or infringement of a trademark and will permanently remove any channel that portrays another individual or organization in a deceptive or confusing way.

Channels will not be suspended if users have their real names in common provided that other information is not identical. A single user may create multiple accounts using different usernames and email addresses. Channels with similar usernames, same profile image or avatar are not in violation of the impersonation policy unless the channel portrays another individual, trademark or organization in a misleading way. Such a channel must clearly indicate that it is not affiliated to any similarly named person, brand or organization.

Fair and nominative use of brands is possible if the profile is clearly distinguished from the owner of the trademark. Ranx also allows users to use a trademark in ways that is outside the scope of the trademark registration.

Ranx allows users to create commentary, parody and fan accounts provided that such channels clearly indicate in its description and username that they are not affiliated with the subject of the channel using distinguishing words, such as 'fake', 'fan', 'parody', 'commentary', in a comprehensible way. Furthermore, the contents and profile information of such channels must comply with the guidelines that ensure a safe environment for users.

Ranx users own all original contents and information published, commented, shared or suggested on the site (provided that they are indeed original - see Copyright FAQ and Content Policy).However, users must make sure that they have the right to post this content or information. Ranx advises its users to respect copyrights, trademarks and any other legal rights and laws that might be applicable to them and the contents they share on the platform. Ranx will respond to flags and reports of alleged infringement of intellectual property according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). For further details about copyright claims, complaints, notifications and counter notices refer to our Copyright page.

Ranx adheres to the concept of Fair Use as characterized by the U.S. Copyright Law permitting certain uses of copyrighted material without the copyright owner's permission. The final decision regarding Fair Use of copyrighted material is determined by the court of law on a case by case basis. Ranx is unable to advise the users whether their use of copyrighted material may be fair or not.

Protecting Private Information

Ranx prohibits publishing or sharing of another person's private and confidential information which may include but is not limited to:

Credit card and other financial information,
Non-public personal phone numbers and email addresses,
Images or videos that can be considered private under applicable laws,
Intimate photos or videos that were taken or distributed without the consent of the subject,
Addresses and locations that can be considered and treated as private,
Social security number, National ID number, passport number and other personally identifiable information.

Other factors such as nature of information, context etc. shall be considered when determining whether the privacy of a person has been violated or whether the information is uniquely/personally identifiable. It is possible that some content might not violate the privacy laws of the user's country but it may still contravene Ranx's guidelines in which case such content will be removed. Photos that may divulge the identity of private individuals such as screenshots of comments or messages on any communication and social media/platforms cannot be published without consent or adequate modification of the image. Violation of such nature may be reported to Ranx by flagging and reporting. Learn more about Privacy Guidelines in our Help Center and FAQ.

Username squatting

Ranx does not allow username squatting. If a user creates a profile with the purpose of preventing others from using those usernames or selling the profile or creates multiple profiles that are inactive for long periods with no updates or activity, such conduct will be considered as username squatting. Attempts to sell, buy or solicit other forms of payment in exchange for usernames are also violations and may result in a permanent ban of the account. If the username of a profile infringes our trademark or impersonation guidelines, and the respective individual, business, brand or organization reports that such a profile is not them or associated with them and claims the username, the initial username will be taken away and the said profile will be given an auto-generated username. However, if an account is inactive for a long period, has no profile image, no updates or activity but has no clear intention of impersonation or username squatting, it will not be removed.

Safety of users

Ranx aims to work with the law enforcement system in case of genuine and direct threats to public safety and/or physical harm of its users. Contents and channels that are deemed harmful and/or abusive may be removed and/or banned from the platform. Ranx also aims to provide a safe platform free of malicious harassment and cyber-bullying. Ranx encourages users to flag and report such content(s) or profile(s) as 'Hateful or Abusive'. International users must agree to comply with local laws regarding online activity and acceptable content.

Direct threats, harassment and cyber-bullying

Ranx does not tolerate threatening, hateful and abusive behavior and will remove/ban content(s) or suspend/ban channel(s) that harass or make threats of physical harm to an individual or a defined group of people. Such conduct may include but is not limited to:

Use of abusive and threatening language, images, videos, comments, messages and/or other contents,
Threats of violence, theft, vandalism, or other physical or financial harm,
Wishes for physical harm, disease, or death of an individual or group,
Reference(s) to violent or tragic events or specific means of violence with respect to people or groups that have been primary targets or victims of such events or means,
Conduct inciting fear about a protected group,
Incitement to harass individual(s), group(s) and other user(s) of the platform,
Slur(s), epithet(s), trope(s) or other content that can be considered racist, sexist, defamatory or degrading for an individual or group,
Channel(s) and/or behavior that intentionally degrade or shame private individuals,
Image(s), video(s) and GIF(s) altered or portrayed in a way that intends to degrade or shame individuals or groups,
Photo(s), image(s), video(s) or description(s) of physical bullying or attacks that shame victim(s),
Revealing personal and private information to harass, bully or blackmail,
Repetitive targeting of other users through comment(s) and unwanted messages,
Malicious, hurtful comment(s) about individuals, users and groups,
Malware/PhishingUnwanted sexualization that includes sexual harassment and sexual-bullying in all possible forms etc.

Attacking public figures

Ranx allows open and critical discussion about public figures featured in the news, individuals with a large public audience through their chosen profession and activities, public groups, organizations, businesses or brands. However, credible threats, hate speech and/or harassing behavior against such entities are not allowed on the platform and contents and channels maybe removed or banned for the violation of this policy.


Ranx prohibits content(s), channel(s) and activities on the site that promote or encourage any kind of self-injury including suicide, self-mutilation, eating disorders etc. Contents or channels that identify victims or survivors of self-injury or suicide to degrade, defame, shame or target them for attack may be flagged and will be removed from the platform. Body modification (tattoos, cosmetic surgery etc.) is not considered as self-injury. Contents or channels that provide information about victims or survivors without promoting or encouraging acts of self-injury are allowed on Ranx.

Harmful and Dangerous content

Ranx prohibits contents and channels that incite violence or encourage dangerous and illegal activities with inherent risk of physical harm and/or death, such as use of hard drugs, choking games, instructions on bomb making etc. However, such contents may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific or artistic, provided they are accompanied with additional relevant information and are used in the right context.

Regulated Goods and Services

Contents and channels facilitating sales of regulated products and services such as gambling, alcohol, firearms or ammunition, weapons, fireworks, prescription drugs and unapproved supplements, tobacco, cannabis or health/medical devices etc. may be flagged and reported and may be removed from the platform depending on the context and nature of the content.

You are responsible for complying with local laws and regulations for content that promotes or is related to regulated goods or services. If Ranx is notified that such content is targeting audiences in violation of applicable local laws and regulations, the offending content or account may be removed, age-restricted or area-restricted. Please be reminded that even with the appropriate age and area-restrictions in place, the facilitation of the sale of the products listed above is not allowed through the platform.

Criminal activity

Ranx does not allow contents or channels that promote, support, encourage, celebrate or glorify, recruit or are in any other way associated with individuals, dangerous organizations or groups engaged in violent and criminal activities such as criminals, murderers, terrorist groups, organized criminal groups, gangs etc. Contents or channels focusing on these general topics that are educational, documentary, artistic or scientific and are not offensive towards the victims of such organizations may be allowed on the platform.

Use of Ranx for organizing criminal activities that cause physical harm to people, animals, businesses or financially injures people or businesses is strictly prohibited. Contents that debate, advocate, satirize the legality of criminal activity may be allowed on the platform depending on their nature and context.

Sexual violence and Exploitation

Ranx will remove content(s) and suspend/ban channel(s) that threaten or promote sexual violence and exploitation that include but are not limited to sexual assault, solicitation of sexual material, any sexual content involving minors, blackmails and threats of sharing intimate images, videos and other content, offers of sexual services (prostitution, escort services, sexual massages, filmed or photographed sexual activity etc.). Contents published or shared regarding victims or survivors of sexual violence, such as images, videos, descriptions, identities etc. without consent from the subject of an assault or in order to shame, exact revenge is strictly not allowed and will be removed from the platform.

Ranx does not tolerate sexual exploitation of minors. Publishing contents, commenting, sharing, suggesting, promoting or engaging in any type of activity that sexualizes minors will result in a permanent ban from the platform and removal of the content. Users can report such content and/or channel using the form

Ranx is currently in Alpha (development) stage. If you have any complaints, email us at intellectualproperty@ranx.com or flag the content.
. Such cases will also be reported to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) who in turn will work with international and local law enforcement agencies to take appropriate measures. The users are encouraged to file a report to NCMEC and contact local law enforcement if they come across content that promote child sexual exploitation somewhere else on the internet. If the content in question is hosted on a website outside of the United States, users can report it on the International Association of Internet Hotlines website.

Users are advised not to share, reply to, rank, like or interact with such content nor should they message the URL for such content to anyone for any reason. If such a content is spreading "virally", users are advised to report it using our built-in flagging and reporting system instead of sharing, commenting or interacting with it using other metrics.

Please note that users will not be asked to provide a copy of the image or other content in the report. Downloading or saving such content for any reason is considered criminal.

Spam and Fraud

Ranx aims to create a secure platform for users that is free of spams, scams and other deceptive practices. Users are encouraged to flag or report such content as spam or inappropriate. Ranx will continually evaluate the identifying characteristics of a "spam" or "fraud" in response to new tricks and tactics used by "spammers". Some conducts that are constituted as spamming and fraud include, but are not limited to:

Content and Metadata Spam

Publishing content or commenting with large amount of unwanted, untargeted, repetitive, duplicated content is not allowed on Ranx site. Unsolicited commercial message(s), comment(s) or content(s) are also not allowed and posting such content(s) may result in suspension of account(s). Misleading and inaccurate information on content title, item title, item description, tags, thumbnail, introductory image etc., and so on that intends to trick our search algorithm is prohibited and will be removed from the platform. Any tags to the content must be added using the tag section of the Create Content / Edit Content form and additional tags in titles and descriptions may be constituted as spam and consequently removed. All information must be contextual and representative of the content published and should not deceive or confuse the users about the subject of the content. Off-domain redirects, cloaking or other ways of obscuring where a link leads is not allowed. Use of sexually provocative profile images and descriptions may result in either the removal or age-restriction of the profile. Creating multiple accounts in order to post same content multiple times, to avoid ban or suspension or to spam other users in any way may result in the channel(s) being banned.

Artificial traffic spam

Ranx prohibits any attempt to artificially increase the number of ranks, shares, followers, comments, likes or other metric using automated systems and/or third-party services and will remove such channels or content from the platform.

Invitation spam

Ranx users may not send out repeat, mass invitations to other users through Ranx messaging system.


Ranx does not allow publishing, commenting, suggesting or sharing malicious contents or link(s) to malicious content intended to damage or disrupt other users' browser or computer or to compromise their privacy.

Frauds and extortion

Content(s) or channel(s) that attempt to trick or deliberately mislead other users for financial gain will be removed and the profile may be permanently banned from the platform. Contacting subscriber(s) and other user(s) for commercial purposes without our express consent is against the policies. Ranx strictly prohibits any activity on the platform that maybe constituted as blackmail or extortion. Users who promote online gambling, online real money games of skill or online lotteries must get our prior permission before using our platform. Such content may be age and/or area-restricted.

Rank manipulation

The content creator is its owner and has editorial control over the content – content creators may edit the content by adding or deleting items and changing item descriptions or item images / video). However, any attempt to manipulate the responses of an already published content by adding or deleting items, or using techniques like repetitive/misleading keywords or information is strictly prohibited and may result in removal of the content/item(s) and/or ban of the channel. Any attempt to influence other user(s) to respond to item(s) or content in a certain way, like or dislike certain content, channels, and/or suggestions by soliciting rewards or payments (in any form), extortion, threat, blackmail and other underhanded means may result in the content and/or its item(s)/suggestion(s) being removed and/or the offending channel(s) being banned. Users are not allowed to respond, like, or dislike the same item(s) or content, and/or suggestion(s) to content from multiple accounts (created and used by a single owner). The title of any item deleted from a survey will always remain publicly visible (under the "Items removed" tab) to viewers of the survey for the sake of transparency. Any newly added item will temporarily appear in the middle (Median ranking position) of survey to prevent bias and ensure fair visibility of the item.

Site Security and Access

Ranx asks all the users to refrain from breaking or circumventing security measures or testing the vulnerability of the system(s) or network(s). Any attempt to reverse engineer Ranx's system(s) or accessing, using or tampering with Ranx's or our technical service providers' system(s) is strictly not allowed.

Ranx prohibits the use of any undocumented or unsupported methods of accessing, searching, scraping, downloading or changing any part of Ranx (methods like the use of Open Graph protocol, Twitter or other HTML meta tags are allowed). Collecting or storing personally identifiable information from Ranx or people on Ranx without permission is forbidden. Ranx does not allow the users to sell their username or transfer it for compensation and advises the users to not share password(s), allow others to access their account(s) or do anything that might put their account at risk.


Ranx relies on the users to anonymously flag and report channels and content (profiles, contents, items, comments and suggestions) that they find inappropriate and/or in violation of the Community Guidelines. Flagged profile or content will not be automatically taken down or suspended by the system until it reaches a certain thresholds and/or fulfills certain criteria predetermined by Ranx. Ranx reserves the right to alter any of these thresholds and criteria at any point in time (which may or may not result in a retroactive ban). Reports will be submitted for review by Ranx who reserves the right to override any automatic suspension and has the final say on whether a flagged element contravenes the Community Guidelines. Users can flag and report profile(s), content and item(s) using one or more of four different options:

Adult Material:

Nudity, sexual content, or violent, graphic contents that may not be appropriate for all younger audiences and are not tagged NSFW.

Hateful or Abusive

Hate Speech or Abusive images/speech that promotes or condones violence and hatred against a protected group and activities that may be considered as violation(s) of privacy, harassment, criminal, threatening or abusive towards an individual or group as mentioned in the Community Guidelines.

Spam or Inappropriate

Any spamming or fraudulent activity as outlined in our Community Guidelines and other inappropriate activity on the Ranx platform.

Infringement of Intellectual property

Channels or contents that infringe the copyright and trademark of others, impersonates someone else, and does not fall within the boundary of Fair Use.
Note: Flagging for Infringement of Intellectual Property will provide users a link to our complaint form where original owners or authorized representatives of the right in violation can file a complaint to take down the allegedly infringing content. Please note that in such cases, flagging and reporting will not take down the content automatically. Learn more about reporting Copyright or Trademark Infringement in our Help Center and FAQ.
Comments and suggestions can be reported as "Hateful and Abusive" and/or "Spam or Inappropriate".

Users can also unflag a previously flagged content or change their selection of reporting action(s) by adding, removing or switching the given options.

Filing Reports

You can file official report(s) against Ranx account(s) and/or content(s) that are in violation of our Content Policy to bring it to our immediate attention through our

online forms
Ranx is currently in Alpha (development) stage. If you have any complaints, email us at intellectualproperty@ranx.com or flag the content.
. Although we accept free forms with all relevant information and legal affirmations sent to us via email or mail, the following web-forms are the simplest and fastest way to resolve legal and other issue(s) that may arise. You can use our web-forms to submit reports of:

Copyright Infringement
Ranx is currently in Alpha (development) stage. If you have any complaints, email us at intellectualproperty@ranx.com or flag the content.
Trademark Infringement
Ranx is currently in Alpha (development) stage. If you have any complaints, email us at intellectualproperty@ranx.com or flag the content.
DMCA (Copyright) Counter Notice
Ranx is currently in Alpha (development) stage. If you have any complaints, email us at intellectualproperty@ranx.com or flag the content.
Privacy Violation
Ranx is currently in Alpha (development) stage. If you have any complaints, email us at intellectualproperty@ranx.com or flag the content.
Ranx is currently in Alpha (development) stage. If you have any complaints, email us at intellectualproperty@ranx.com or flag the content.
Child Endangerment Issues
Ranx is currently in Alpha (development) stage. If you have any complaints, email us at intellectualproperty@ranx.com or flag the content.
Other legal issue(s)
Ranx is currently in Alpha (development) stage. If you have any complaints, email us at intellectualproperty@ranx.com or flag the content.
Individuals who have never gained news attention, public interest through their actions or public professions.